Second Semester of Second Year of College

It’s hard to believe that I’ll be starting my second semester of my second year of college in a few weeks. Let me just say, I am beyond nervous for the next four and a half months of my life. I will be taking a life sciences communication class, 6th semester Hmong, and second semester of chemistry and biology (I’ve been wait-listed for this class though….so please help me pray for an opening spot!). EEEEK, four classes….but sooo much work!

I feel like taking chemistry and biology together will be a challenge just because I struggle in these two subjects. I do find the things we learn about interesting; however, I learn at a slower pace.

On the other hand, I’m not so sure how the life sciences communication class will be like but I am really excited for it. I hope to build and improve my communication and writing skills!

Last but not least, 6th semester Hmong class!!! I can not express how excited and happy I am to be taking that class. I seriously thought I wouldn’t have room for this class this upcoming semester, but I snuck it in. I’m super stoked about learning more about the significance behind the traditions and culture of the Hmong. Yes, I am Hmong….and this class is going to be an easy A…right? …Mmmmm…I think it depends on your diligence and learning motivation about the Hmong. For me, personally, I enjoy learning about the Hmong culture and traditions. I admit, my speaking skills are not what I’d like it to be at the moment, but that’s what this class is for: improvement and continual learning.

Overall, I’m hoping this semester will go as fast as possible…..wait…should I say that? I mean, I’m feeling that way but I also don’t want it to go too fast as well…you know what! Scratch that!

I’m hoping this upcoming semester will be one filled with new discoveries and knowledge, not only academically, but personally. Yes, I’m going to have to deal with 2 am cram-studies, anxiety attacks, lazy Saturdays, etc., but I do hope to develop more wisdom and care for myself. Please pray for my well-being and wish me luck!


Tiffany Pauv


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