Sleep Talk

The past few couple of days have been spent well with friends and family. I can definitely say I had a blast with the people I love, but all the great time we spent together dug into my sleeping hours. Haha, I definitely neglected my beauty sleep but I have no regrets.










Tomorrow (or should I say today?) I work at 8 am. I’m trying not to complain about it too much but it’s hard not to. I mean, yes, I am definitely thankful for this job, but I would really like to sleep in and be able to enjoy the eight hours I spend inside a warehouse doing something else. Ugh, no. I can’t say that! I’d probably just stay at home and use up those hours doing nothing anyways. I guess it’s good to be productive.

Anyways, I should probably sleep now. Yes. It’s time for bed. You have a good night!


Tiffany Pauv


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