Last summer I spent my three months of rest at home. I had a very long, detailed list of things to do while I waited to come back to school.
As the weeks flew by, though, I realized I’ve become too comfortable with the setting I was in. I had a person to cook for me (eheh…mom…), a small twin bed, and a purple android I used for Facebook and Instagram. That kept me busy….right?
Though I was a bum at home, I worked during the day (2-10 pm) every day of the week except for Sunday. I would come home tired with my body aching from lifting and carrying 50+ lbs of paint chips. Yes, I got my workout done for the day, but whew!, was I in so much pain!
All in all though, my summer wasn’t much. It was more of chilling than adventurous (what I had in mind 😓). Next summer for sure.


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