Niam.jpg Dear mom,

It’s hard being miles away from you because all I can think about is being in your presence. Mom, that’s why I call you everyday – to hear your voice soothe my restless heart. I know you hate it when I complain of being hungry; yet, isn’t willing to cook. But I also know it makes you happy knowing I still think of you and the food you make.

Kuv niam (my mom), you don’t have to shower me with clothes, shoes, make-up, or gadgets because all I want is to be home, where everything is familiar because familiar is being with you. Familiar is the sound of your laugh and the sight of your beautiful, unpretentious face. I try to remind myself that this separation is temporary and that I will be home soon. But then I realize I don’t have much time with you because after my pursuance of an education and career, I will start my own life with the man I love. I know I can’t bring you or dad along, so what should I do? Will you visit me – 3 times a week? Will you still answer my phone calls and listen to my complaints? Please? Please?

Okay, I’ll stop asking questions; but only after I hear you say “Ua cas yuav nug seb dais puas muaj kaw tw (why are you asking if a bear has a tail)” because you know the questions are nonsense.

Honestly, though, kuv niam, I miss you so much.

I’ll see you soon,

Tiffany Pauv


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