Spring Break 2015: Day 1

Spring break is finally here and I am ready to rest!

In celebration of my first day of break, my room mate, Anna, and I ordered pizza and watched a few minutes of her favorite Cantonese drama. However, before doing that, we cleaned our apartment – so now it’s CLEAN!

Anyways, for spring break, I won’t be doing anything much. Though, tomorrow I will be traveling to the Twin Cities for a few days. There, I will be chillin’ with my siblings and friends. I am super stoked! I also hope to shop, visit the We are Hmong Minnesota exhibit at the Minnesota History Center, walk down town Saint Paul, and babysit my nephews and nieces.

I especially can’t wait until April 1st because I get to eat meat again. These past few couple of weeks, I’ve had only vegetarian meals. I’ve struggled but I am determined to finish what I’ve started. So, Minnesotians, let me know of a restaurant in the Twin Cities I can go to to get my carnivore diet back. Thanks!

Today, as students leave for home or to their spring break destination, I will be sitting in my room, watching movies. It’s nothing much, but it’s a start to my break.

What are you doing for break?


Tiffany Pauv


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