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It’s August, which means school is almost in session and summer is coming to an end. But it is this time of the year where I am reminded of how blessed I am. It was on the fifth and seventh of this month, sixteen and almost seventeen years ago, I became an older sister to my brothers, Kevin Dao and Sing Sing. Let me tell you, it’s been a hassle and a rocky journey, but at the same time, it has also been a joyful and fun one. 

My brothers are unique. They share this love/hate relationship, in which sometimes I envy because I wish my sisters and I had that kind of bond. I guess it’s normal to argue and fight with your siblings, but what they have are, what I call, “thirty second fights”. They argue, assault each other and then make a stupid joke or fart and all of a sudden they’re best friends again. It’s confusing, at times, but mostly amusing.

My brothers are also enthralling individuals. Besides inheriting my father’s handsome genes, they’re goofballs and adventurers. However, they also have their differences.


Kevin is a non-conformist. He likes to be with all kinds of people – not just with Hmong people or Christians. He likes to be in a diverse atmosphere because he believes that in it, he is able to understand and learn from the different perspectives and ideas around him. He’s also very on top with the fashion trends now days, in which he has become a trendsetter at school and in the community. Kevin also has a heart for music. He has a passion for drumming and I know on the side, he enjoys singing as well 😀 . Though, sometimes, his super duper loud drumming makes me go nuts, I believe it’s his way of worshipping and communicating with the Lord. Knowing this, in a way, helps ease my headaches. All in all, though, Kevin has been an inspiration in my life. I love his free-spiritedness and his independent thinking. I love discussing music with him and seeing how passionate he gets when we jam with one another. I also love venturing and doing spontaneous things with him because I know he is one who understands beauty as I do.

Now, how about Sing Sing?


Sing Sing, or as I like to call him, “Uncle Ding Ding”, is the tub ntxawg (youngest son) of the 8 kids in the family. He has a very open and blunt personality, but I’d say it’s part of his “baby of the family” trait. Sing Sing is beyond humorous and has a calling for impersonating people. He is a natural at making people laugh and ponder on life with his jokes, questions, and comments. He is also very intelligent and skillful in various ways, however, I wished he took more notice of these two aspects he owns. Sing Sing is also a talented musician. He currently plays the guitar and I think he also has something for old Hmong songs, which is awesome because I know I can always turn to him to play me songs when I am kho kho siab. But the point is, Sing Sing has taught me to be more open with my personality. He doesn’t know this, but he indirectly encourages me to look beyond one’s physical appearance because it is the personality that is most attractive. I love having Sing Sing’s presence around because I always seem to be annoyed, yet always consumed with laughter.

Let’s admit it, Kevin and Sing Sing are dorks and never ceasing jokesters but I can’t express how much I love them.

To Kevin and Sing Sing: Always be who God has molded you to be. Never shy away from Him for it is He who have blessed the both of you. Remember that y’all will always be our babies so don’t fret to ask for help. Happy birthday, you two ❤ .


Tiffany Pauv


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