An Ending is a New Beginning

The fall semester of my third year in college has come to an end this morning at 10. I submitted my last finals paper and now I can finally say that I am free…well, for the time being. To celebrate, I danced into the living room where my parents were sitting and yelled, “I am done!” My dad ignored me but my mom turned to look at me in confusion. I proceeded to dance back to the kitchen where I was and posted a happy + sappy picture on Instagram. Hehe, here it is:


The caption: “I just submitted my last final paper and boy does it feel good to be free! Ugh, but I still remember this day like it was just yesterday!”

Instead of going out of the state or the country for vacation, I decided to come back to Sheboygan. I plan to spend A LOT of time with my family and friends and also read A LOT of books!

Here are the books I am currently and will be reading:

  1. Half the Sky Movement by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn
  2. The Mosaic of Christian Belief by Roger E. Olson
  3. Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder

I also plan to work. Unfortunately, I will be working first shift (6 am – 2 pm) but I need the extra income before going back to school in mid-January. Plus, I have to save for a few things this spring break and summer. Let me explain!

Spring break + Arizona = ? : 

I placed a question mark because this plan is still incomplete. My sister and I are planning to visit Arizona 😀 . I am hoping to explore and experience a different setting as compared to where I am now – Wisconsin. I hope to make everything official soon so I can start budgeting for this trip.

May + Thailand = ❤ : 

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 11.26.29 AMI declared the certificate in global health this past semester. One of the requirements in completing the certificate is a field work experience. I thought about interning in Wisconsin during spring break to fulfill this section of the requirements. However, one day in my Introduction to Global Health lecture, the guest lecturer informed us about the UW Global Health Field School in Thailand and said that if we apply and are accepted, then it can count towards our field work. I decided to give it a try.

The week before finals, I logged onto my email and received a notification from the UW Study Abroad program 😀 . I think you should know the rest of what happened from here.

So now, that I am finished with my finals, I am planning to look into the finances and going abroad documents aspect of this trip. I am excited!

August + Portland, Oregon = 🙂 : 

In the first week of August, my friends (Kong and Pang Dao), my fiancé (Touhu), and I will be taking a couple’s road trip to Portland, Oregon! We are super excited because: 1. We’re getting out of the Mid-West! 2. Portland = no tax on clothes = fun shopping 3. We heard Portland is hip and a cool city 4. It’s near the Pacific Ocean!

I can’t wait for this trip because it will be spent with a few of the people that I love most in my life.

All in all, this winter break will be spent working and also keeping myself busy because I don’t ever want to waste each day just sitting around. For the most part, I think reading and hanging out with friends and family should keep me company.

What are you planning to do towards the end of December and in the new year?


Tiffany Pauv


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