Day 2 & 3: Madison and Exciting News!

I got back to Madison around 4:30 pm yesterday. It was a nice, short ride.

Before leaving to Madison, I spent my morning with my parents. We watched and listened to little Thai girls and boys sing on a Thai talent show. My dad and mom laughed and sang along while I sat there waiting for them to translate. Every ten minutes or so, my mom would turn to me and tell me to go pack for Madison.

Instead of packing, I went shopping. I decided I needed to use my TJ Maxx gift card my cousin gave me. I bought a lunch bag, bottle, and a box of tea. After I left TJ Maxx, I contemplated if I should also go to Target. I told myself that I didn’t need to buy anything but wanted to check if they have anything new – no biggie. So, I went to Target…

I bought two pairs of shoes, a toothbrush, and a pencil sharpener because I remembered I needed them #TargetProbs.

Finally, I got back home and packed. Clothes washed – check! Shoes packed – check! Toiletries – check! Electronics and textbooks in backpack – check! Oh yeah, let’s not forget about food – check! (Thanks, mom ♥)

At about 2:25 pm, my parents and I left for the university.

Madison is so quiet right now and I love it. It was nice to unpack and clean without the nuisance of loud, drunk people on State Street. It was so quiet, I was even able to concentrate and study for the GRE.

As for today, I walked to Memorial Library and studied for about 5 hours. I’m mentally and physically exhausted and can not wait for this Thursday to be over.

After studying, I came back home and cooked. I successfully made mov kuam (rice with couscous). It was delicious! While I waited for the rice to cook, I watched Easy A. The rest of the night was chill and relaxing.

Before concluding today’s short events, I have some exciting news to share! I applied for graduation and have confirmed that I will be graduating this May. Wow! It’s still surreal but I am ecstatic!



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