Day 4: Academic Motivation

I received awesome news today.


This previous semester was not easy at all! It consisted of balancing studying and preparing for 6 classes (17 credits), 10+ hours of work per week, and attending weekly academic/program meetings. However, I’m thankful for the knowledge and the experiences I have gained throughout the semester. In the end, my hard work and willingness to keep up with all the craziness paid off. Good job, Tiff!

Today is my last day to study for the GRE. I studied earlier this afternoon and will again after this blog post. My brain is fried! My test is tomorrow at 12:30 pm on the east side of Madison. I’m super duper nervous and, to be honest, I keep doubting myself. “What if this…” and “What if that…” ran through my mind all day. I’m so tired of it. However, like last semester, I’m just going to remind myself to do my best. Even if it doesn’t work out in end, I still gave it my all and I think that’s what counts!


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