Day 63: Surreal

Hey everyone!

Guess what…screen-shot-2017-03-03-at-10-49-51-am

I have been accepted into the Master of Public Health Program at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Gosh, I can’t even express how I’m feeling right now.

I’m still waiting for another school’s response so I haven’t made my final decision yet. However, I am extremely proud of myself and excited for grad school.



Day 4: Academic Motivation

I received awesome news today.


This previous semester was not easy at all! It consisted of balancing studying and preparing for 6 classes (17 credits), 10+ hours of work per week, and attending weekly academic/program meetings. However, I’m thankful for the knowledge and the experiences I have gained throughout the semester. In the end, my hard work and willingness to keep up with all the craziness paid off. Good job, Tiff!

Today is my last day to study for the GRE. I studied earlier this afternoon and will again after this blog post. My brain is fried! My test is tomorrow at 12:30 pm on the east side of Madison. I’m super duper nervous and, to be honest, I keep doubting myself. “What if this…” and “What if that…” ran through my mind all day. I’m so tired of it. However, like last semester, I’m just going to remind myself to do my best. Even if it doesn’t work out in end, I still gave it my all and I think that’s what counts!

Day 2 & 3: Madison and Exciting News!

I got back to Madison around 4:30 pm yesterday. It was a nice, short ride.

Before leaving to Madison, I spent my morning with my parents. We watched and listened to little Thai girls and boys sing on a Thai talent show. My dad and mom laughed and sang along while I sat there waiting for them to translate. Every ten minutes or so, my mom would turn to me and tell me to go pack for Madison.

Instead of packing, I went shopping. I decided I needed to use my TJ Maxx gift card my cousin gave me. I bought a lunch bag, bottle, and a box of tea. After I left TJ Maxx, I contemplated if I should also go to Target. I told myself that I didn’t need to buy anything but wanted to check if they have anything new – no biggie. So, I went to Target…

I bought two pairs of shoes, a toothbrush, and a pencil sharpener because I remembered I needed them #TargetProbs.

Finally, I got back home and packed. Clothes washed – check! Shoes packed – check! Toiletries – check! Electronics and textbooks in backpack – check! Oh yeah, let’s not forget about food – check! (Thanks, mom ♥)

At about 2:25 pm, my parents and I left for the university.

Madison is so quiet right now and I love it. It was nice to unpack and clean without the nuisance of loud, drunk people on State Street. It was so quiet, I was even able to concentrate and study for the GRE.

As for today, I walked to Memorial Library and studied for about 5 hours. I’m mentally and physically exhausted and can not wait for this Thursday to be over.

After studying, I came back home and cooked. I successfully made mov kuam (rice with couscous). It was delicious! While I waited for the rice to cook, I watched Easy A. The rest of the night was chill and relaxing.

Before concluding today’s short events, I have some exciting news to share! I applied for graduation and have confirmed that I will be graduating this May. Wow! It’s still surreal but I am ecstatic!


Day 1: 1st Sunday of 2017

Happy New Year!

Today was filled with love, joy, and laughter. I spent my morning with my mom, setting up my dad’s new printer. It was a success! Afterwards, I prepared for church and had song practice with my brothers and cousins. Finding New Year songs for church service is not easy!

Later in the evening, my brothers, cousins, and I made a trip to Golden Chopsticks for dinner. We discussed our “rebellious” days in high school and relationships. We also spent 15 minutes roasting each other…well, I guess it was more of them getting at me.

My brothers had song practice so they went their own way and two of my cousins left back to Green Bay. My younger cousin stayed with me at my parents’ place and we listened to a Faded and Closer mashup and watched YouTube videos.

Tonight, I was hoping to come up with my New Year’s resolutions; however, I feel like I still need a few more days to reflect on 2016 and constitute a list of To-Do’s and goals for myself for 2017. Aside from studying for the GRE, I guess I can keep myself busy and distracted from the test by coming up with this list.

In addition, I need to write a summary of what I did in 2016 cause that year was just CRAZY and filled with adventures!

Overall, I pray that 2017 will be a year of love, joy, and laughter like today. I pray that we may all embrace and find time to bond with one another.


P.S: Here’s a picture of my last 2016 meal with a few members of my family.